5 Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

When a bathroom goes through a good renovation, it can be transformed from a boring washing box into a functional and awesome piece of beauty. This fact is evident when you watch how unsightly bathrooms are renovated to masterpieces in home renovation shows. However, the renovation process places a demand on quite a number of skills across diverse professions.

Bathroom Renovation Tips from Renovation Kingdom

It is good practice to have a 20% markup on your budget due to problems that may arise once tradesmen are on the site. Some unforeseen challenges that will require fixing (such as termites) may be encountered along the line.

1. Get the service of a builder to supervise the project

The Plumber will simply run the pipes and install the fixtures. You should engage the service of a builder who can supervise the entire project from the initial demolition to completion. He is able to employ the different tradesmen required in the right sequence. Self-supervision can be overwhelming where the person involved does not have the required expertise. An experienced builder can easily detect and avoid costly mistakes.

2. Designate tasks to professionals
There are some tasks that you should designate to a professional rather than handled by yourself.  Some people try to handle waterproofing tasks with some handy do-it-yourself gears but end up causing expensive damages with leakages all over the sealed lines. Moreover, doing the plumbing tasks by yourself voids the insurance on the house and the cost of repairs of damages caused by a novice can be very expensive.

Bathroom Renovation Tips

3. Use products approved by Australians Standard
It is important to ensure that all the products that are used in your bathroom have passed the Australian standard. You can confirm this by looking out for the Australian Standard Watermark. Products that are not approved cannot be legally installed by a plumber.  The best practice is to buy from specialist bathroom stores and choosing reputable brands; as such, you can easy get a spare when you need one in the future.

4. Maintain a Plumbing Layout
By maintaining a separate layout for your bathroom, you don’t have to join it with the drainage pipes. This method is cheap to implement but the downside is that the pipes will have to be reworked when new fixtures required.

Bath Renovations

5. Avoid Over Capitalising
It is quite easy to exceed reasonable budget especially when you settle for expensive finishing such as taps and tiles. To keep your budget within reasonable bounds, simply ask yourself -If I have to sell this, will I break even?