Top Bathroom Trends of 2017

Bathrooms are no longer the traditional spaces of yesteryear that were used to merely bath and wash. The modern bathroom offers much more than a space for personal hygiene but have become a showpiece in peoples homes and offer an oasis of relaxation.

In recent times, the structures of bathrooms have evolved into a space for relaxation and comfort and are a serene and fragrant environment. Our designers have their predictions regarding the future trends in bathroom design.

Patterned tile floors

We are experiencing the resurgence of patterned floors which was the choice design of yesteryear. The patterened floor was commonplace about four decades ago when resplendent permanent patterned tiles were used in floor designs. Sometimes, plain tiles are used in conjunction with patterned tiles to achieve a modern twist on classic designs.

Black tapware

Matte Black Tapware

Chrome is simply the latest in fashionable tapware standards in Aussie bathrooms and kitchens. However, design presently favors a matte black which has risen to prominence in homes around the country. Although the chrome ware is widely regarded, the elegant black has taken the over in terms of popularity and is at the forefront of contemporary interior design.

Use of woods

Wooden Bathrooms

At one point in time, wood was avoided in the bathroom, but with modern sealants, waterproof paints, and bathroom ventilation systems have meant that wood has expereinced a comeback in bathroom design. Wood can add a warmth that isn't possible with tiles and other hard finishes. With so many woods to choose from, your bathroom designs can be endless.

Freestanding bathtub

Freestanding Baths

There is something captivating about a freestanding bathtub. Its indulgence goes beyond its visual appeal and it has become the epitome of passion and luxury. For s small space it is important to find a tub of the right shape to suit your space. For example, a tub with a soft curve can add style to a squared room and a squared or sleek tub can be appropriate for pastel or tubs with prominent features.